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Cognac Guerbé l'Echalotte - 16130 JUILLAC LE COQ (site de production) Cognac Guerbé (siège social) 25 Chemin du Dagneau 17520 BRIE SOUS ARCHIAC-France TEL: 05 46 70 02 02

The Guerbé vineyards, currently managed by E.A.R.L. Jean Guerbé, are located in the heart of the Grande Champagne district on the domaine of Logis de Puyguiller in the parish of Segonzac and the domaine of Echalotte at Juillac le Coq.

The grape used , 100% Ugni blanc, has a long maturation period, is highly
Resistant to grey rot, and gives a wine with good acidity, weak alcohol content, and good characteristics for distilling.
The Guerbe family has been tending the vineyards and producing cognac for three generations.
Maison Guerbe bottles different qualities of ageings in a variety of bottles and carafes all with the appellation of GRANDE CHAMPAGNE – The value of our Superb cognacs is also enhanced by the luxury of the presentations as witnessed by our Tulip carafe with it’s 24 carat gilt stopper in a luxury gift box particularly designed for an exclusive and discerning clientele.